About this book series

While a conspicuous body of knowledge about tourism in Asia is emerging, Western academic ontologies and epistemologies still represent the dominant voice within tourism circles. This series provides a platform to support Asian scholarly production and reveals the different aspects of Asian tourism and its intricate economic and socio-cultural trends.

The books in this series are aimed to pave the way for a more integrated and multifaceted body of knowledge about Asian tourism. By doing so, they contribute to the idea that tourism, as both phenomenon and field of studies, should be more inclusive and disentangled from dominant (mainly Western) ways of knowing.

More specifically, the series will fill gaps in knowledge with regard to:

• the ontological, epistemological, and methodological assumptions behind Asian tourism research; 
• specific segments of the Asian tourist population, such as Asia
n women, Asian backpackers, Asian young tourists, Asian gay tourists, etc; 
• specific types of tourism in Asia, such as film-induced tourism, adventure tourism, beauty tourism, religious tourism, etc; 
• Asian tourists’ experiences, patterns of behaviour, and constraints to travel;
• Asian values that underpin operational, management, and marketing decisions in and/or on Asia (travel);
• external factors that add to the complexities of Asian tourism studies.

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Series Editor
  • Catheryn Khoo-Lattimore,
  • Paolo Mura

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