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IITK Directions is an institutional series of the Indian Institute of Technology Kanpur. IITK Directions aims at presenting original contributions and reviews of important and cutting-edge topics by the faculty members and other stakeholders of IIT Kanpur in a consolidated manner. It is a platform that reflects upon the ongoing research and development activities, major achievements, and evolving trends. Each volume in the series focuses on a particular area of science and technology with chapters written by the faculty members, students and research staff. Each chapter is written in a journalistic tone for the peer group – readability and accessibility being important parameters. The volumes contain a survey of the subject as a whole and the extent of contributions recorded by the Institute faculty and students who participate so extensively in research.

The volumes in this series will be useful to researchers, practitioners, students, industry leaders, government officials and policy makers. Above all, the series serves as platform to publish the most cutting edge research summaries and evaluate the applications and impact of the research work undertaken at IIT Kanpur.

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  • AR Harish

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