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This compendium of reviews in gastrointestinal surgery covers topics that are of contemporary interest to surgeons reflecting the popular trends in this field. Started by the Indian Association of Surgical Gastroenterology (IASG), the GI Surgery Annual has covered a journey of over 2 decades which speaks for its relevance and popularity among general and gastrointestinal surgeons. The reviews contain up-to-date scientific content of enduring academic interest with each new volume covering 10-12 topics. From 2016 onwards, this Annual turns a new page in its academic journey by publishing the forthcoming titles with Springer.  The editorial control continues to remain with the IASG and the current editorial board.

The Idea of GI Surgery Annual was first conceived during the annual conference of Indian Association of Surgical Gastroenterology in 1991 and the First Volume came into existence in the year 1994, through the efforts of Professor TK Chattopadhyay and his team of co-editors. Professor TK Chattopadhyay continues to head the editorial board in his current capacity as Professor Emeritus, AIIMS, New Delhi.

This Annual is an essential resource for postgraduate and postdoctoral trainees in surgery and gastrointestinal surgery, for practising surgeons who wish to keep up-to-date with developments in the field and for established academic surgeons as well.

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  • T.K. Chattopadhyay

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