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Innovative Approaches to Socio-Ecological Sustainability

Series Ed.: Xiang, Wei-Ning

ISSN: 2367-0029

EcoWISE (Ecological wisdom inspired science and engineering) series aims to publish authored or edited volumes that (1) offer novel perspectives and insightful reviews, through the lens of ecological wisdom, on emerging or enduring topics pertaining to urban socio-ecological sustainability research, planning, design, and management; (2) showcase exemplary scientific and engineering projects, and policy instruments that, as manifestations of ecological wisdom, provide lasting benefits to urban socio-ecological systems across all temporal and spatial scales; or (3), ideally, coalesce (1) and (2) under a cohesive overarching framework. The series provides a forum, the first of its kind, for the broad international community of scholars and practitioners in urban socio-ecological systems research, planning, design, and management.

Books in the EcoWISE series will cover, but not be limited to, the following topical areas:

-Transdisciplinary studies of ecological wisdom, ecophronetic practice research, complex adaptive systems, traditional ecological knowledge (TEK), urban resilience, global climate change, urbanization, phronetic social science, and sustainability science;

-Ecological sciences for and practices in ecosystem rehabilitation, habitat reconstruction, landscape restoration, sustainable agroecology, permaculture, architecture, landscape and urban planning and design, resource conservation and management, disaster management, urban flood control and management, and low impact development;

-Benchmarks for sustainable landscape and urban planning and design (e.g., the Sustainable SITES Initiative [SITES], Leadership in Energy & Environmental Design [LEED]);

-Engineering science, technology and policy for environmental restoration (e.g., river, lake, hazardous waste sites, brown fields), low CO2 emission, wastewater and soil treatment, renewable energy, urban green infrastructure and building materials.

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