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Handbook of the Mammals of Europe

Handbook of the Mammals of Europe

Series Editors: Hackländer, Klaus, Zachos, Frank E.

ISSN: 2730-7387

This handbook offers a unique collection of information on all wild mammal species living in Europe and will serve as a standard reference guide for all mammalogists and readers interested in research on mammals. The introductory volume provides an overview of mammalian phylogeny, the history and current status of European mammals and their management as well as their habitats and the history of mammalogy in Europe. The remaining volumes present comprehensive species-specific chapters covering all aspects of mammalian biology, including palaeontology, physiology, genetics, reproduction and development, ecology, habitat, diet, mortality and behaviour. The economic significance and management of mammals and future challenges for research and conservation are addressed as well. Each chapter includes a distribution map, a photograph of the animal, and a list of key literature. This authoritative handbook provides current and detailed descriptions of all European mammals; it will appeal to academics and students in mammal research alike, as well as to practitioners whose work involves mammal management, control, use and conservation.


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