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This book series covers advances in the field of karst from a variety of perspectives to facilitate knowledge and promote interaction thereby building stepping stones in this process. Methodologies, monitoring, data analysis and interpretation are addressed throughout the wide range of climatic, geological and hydrogeological contexts in which karst occurs. Case studies are presented to provide examples of advancement of the science.


Issues to be addressed include water supply, contamination, and land use management. These issues although occurring on a local basis share many of the same features on the global stage. This book series is a critical resource to the scientific community allowing them to compare problems, results, and solutions. The presented information can be utilized by decision makers in making decisions on development in karst regions. Contributions presented may be used in the classroom and to work with stakeholders, scientists, and engineers to determine practical applications of these advances to common problems worldwide.     


The series aims at building a varied library of reference works, textbooks, proceedings, and monographs, by describing the current understanding of selected themes. The books in the series are prepared by leading experts actively working in the relevant field. The book series Advances in Karst Science includes single and multi-authored books as well as edited volumes. The Series Editor, Dr. James W. LaMoreaux, is currently accepting proposals and a proposal document can be obtained from the Publisher.

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Series Editor
  • James LaMoreaux

Book titles in this series

  1. EuroKarst 2022, Málaga

    Advances in the Hydrogeology of Karst and Carbonate Reservoirs

    • Bartolomé Andreo
    • Juan Antonio Barberá
    • Juan José Durán
    • José Manuel Gil-Márquez
    • Copyright: 2023
    • Published: 19 November 2022