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Each "Pathways in Mathematics" book offers a roadmap to a currently well developing mathematical research field and is a first-hand information and inspiration for further study, aimed both at students and researchers. It is written in an educational style, i.e., in a way that is accessible for advanced undergraduate and graduate students. It also serves as an introduction to and survey of the field for researchers who want to be quickly informed about the state of the art.
The point of departure is typically a bachelor/masters level background, from which the reader is expeditiously guided to the frontiers. This is achieved by focusing on ideas and concepts underlying the development of the subject while keeping technicalities to a minimum. Each volume contains an extensive annotated bibliography as well as a discussion of open problems and future research directions as recommendations for starting new projects.
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  • Takayuki Hibi,
  • Wolfgang König,
  • Johannes Zimmer

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