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Recent advances in statistics have led to new concepts and solutions in different areas of pharmaceutical research and development. “Springer Series in Pharmaceutical Statistics” focuses on developments in pharmaceutical statistics and their practical applications in the industry. The main target groups are researchers in the pharmaceutical industry, regulatory agencies and members of the academic community working in the field of pharmaceutical statistics. In order to encourage exchanges between experts in the pharma industry working on the same problems from different perspectives, an additional goal of the series is to provide reference material for non-statisticians. The volumes will include the results of recent research conducted by the authors and adhere to high scholarly standards. Volumes focusing on software implementation (e.g. in SAS or R) are especially welcome. The book series covers different aspects of pharmaceutical research, such as drug discovery, development and production. 

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  • Thomas Permutt,
  • José Pinheiro,
  • Frank Bretz,
  • Peter Müller

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