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Debating Higher Education: Philosophical Perspectives

Debating Higher Education: Philosophical Perspectives

Series Editors: Barnett, Ronald, Bengtsen, Søren S.E.

ISSN: 2366-2573

‘Debating Higher Education: Philosophical Perspectives’

Editors: Ronald Barnett and Søren S.E. Bengtsen

With the kind assistance of Dr. Alex Elwick

Guidance note to authors and editors of volumes commissioned for the series 

We want this series to be more than a collection of standard academic volumes. Many volumes and series claim to be accessible but rarely deliver on that promise. We want here, therefore, to produce a series, the volumes of which at once:
- Are lively: we look for texts that make a definite and provocative argument (or set of arguments)
- Engage each with a major contemporary issue
- Are up-to-date with contemporary scholarship
- Are sensitive to a wide range of perspectives and are even, where appropriate, multi-disciplinary
- Demonstrate a variety of opinions
- Seriously offer and demonstrably contribute to and advance a debate. For volumes with contributed chapters, such ‘debate’ could be achieved with successive chapters engaging with each other, with contributors being paired and having a debate, with contributors cross-referencing each other (having seen drafts of each others’ chapters), or in other ways. Authors and editors should be clear on this key point.
- Are accessible to and reach out to wide audiences, including those who do not have a technical background but whose interest in the topics could be engaged.
We are aware that such a set of aims is difficult to pull off and imposes quite a demand on authors and editors of volumes in the series. It requires an active form of editorship, in working with contributors, in getting over to them the style we are aiming at for the series, and in enlisting them in this overall project. We also look to volumes being advanced through to publication stage at a reasonable pace: once a set of deadlines have been agreed with the series editors and publishers, we look to the timetable being maintained.
Some general editorial considerations: we would anticipate texts which broadly exhibit
- Shortish sentences and paragraphs (with individual chapters in the range of 5-6,000 words)
- Frequent and telling sub-headings
- Technical terms always explained on first usage and kept to a minimum
- Punctuation used wisely and carefully
- Clear and flowing syntax
- The steps in the argument worked through translucently
- Definite and even provocative views, while being sensitive to contending viewpoints.
Before a contract is signed, the series editors will look to see a full proposal from author(s) or invited editor(s) of each volume. Subsequently, the series editors will look also to see a good draft of a total manuscript and to offer a light editing and commentary on it (probably with track changes). The timetable should allow for this process and the ensuing dialogue with the contributors.

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