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SpringerBriefs in World Mineral Deposits

SpringerBriefs in World Mineral Deposits

Editor-in-chief: Camprubí, Antoni
Series Editors: González Jiménez, J.M., González, F.J., Millonig, L.J., Slack, J.F.

ISSN: 2509-7857

Editor-in-Chief: Antoni Camprubí 

Geology Institute UNAM, Mexico City, Mexico
Topics of interest: Petrology, mineralogy and genesis of ore deposits
e-mail: camprubitaga@gmail.com


Javier González 

Marine Geological Resources Division, Geological Survey of Spain (IGME), Madrid, Spain
Topics of interest: His research activities are concerned with mineralogy, petrology, geochemistry and metallogenesis, especially on deep sea mineralization such as methane-derived carbonates, Fe-Mn nodules, Co-rich crusts and polymetallic sulphides related to cold seeps, abyssal plains, seamounts and hydrothermal systems.
e-mail: fj.gonzalez@igme.es

Jose Maria Gonzalez 

Dept. of Geology, University of Chile, Santiago, Chile
e-mail: jmgonzj@ing.uchile.cl

Leo J. Millonig 

Chief Geologist, LM Geoscience, Kirchhain, Germany
Topics of interest: Petrology, mineralogy and genesis of ore deposits, as well as metamorphic and alkaline-carbonatitic rock assemblages. Geodynamic and geochronological studies.
e-mail: leomillonig@gmail.com

John F. Slack 

SGA Publications Editor

Dr. Alexis Vizcaino 

Dr. Alexis Vizcaino

Dr. Alexis Vizcaino

Editor, Springer
Focused on petroleum geology, mineral resources, sedimentology, geophysics and nature conservation.

Do not hesitate to contact me with any journal, book, book series, or textbook proposals related to these topics at:

Dr. Alexis Vizcaino
Earth Sciences, Geography and Environment
Tiergartenstraße 17
69121 Heidelberg


Phone: +49 6221 487 8633

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