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Advances in Military Geosciences is a book series which explores the interaction between current and historic military operations and earth science, including geography, geology, geophysics, soil science, ecology, hydrology, glaciology and atmospheric sciences.

Military activities are almost always strongly integrated within a wide spectrum of geoscience. The decisive outcomes of land battles throughout history have been dictated in large part by the terrain and environmental setting.  Modern military operations rely on a wide range of land-, air-, sea-, and space-borne intelligence and knowledge of dynamic terrain processes and conditions.  In addition, the study of geo-based environmental science is critical to both the sustainable management of military reservations and installations, as well as the evaluation of how terrain and environmental conditions may impact military equipment and operations.

Advances in Military Geosciences contains single and multi-authored books as well as edited volumes. Series Editors are currently accepting proposals, forms for which can be obtained from the publisher, Zachary Romano (Zachary.Romano@springer.com).

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  • Aldino Bondesan,
  • Peter Doyle,
  • Judy Ehlen,
  • Francis Galgano,
  • Edward P. F. Rose

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