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The book series contributes a wealth of new perspectives aiming to denaturalize ongoing social, economic and cultural trends such as the processes of ‘crimigration’ and racialization, fast-growing social-economic inequalities, depoliticization or technologization of policy, and simultaneously a politicization of difference. By treating naturalization simultaneously as a phenomenon in the world, and as a rudimentary analytical concept for further development and theoretical diversification, we identify a shared point of departure for all volumes in this series, in a search to analyze how difference is produced, governed and reconfigured in a rapidly changing world. By theorizing rich, globally comparative ethnographic materials on how racial/cultural/civilization differences are currently specified and naturalized, the series will throw new light on crucial links between differences, whether biologized and culturalized, and various forms of ‘social inequality’ that are produced in contemporary global social and political formations.
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Series Editor
  • Synnøve Bendixsen,
  • Bjørn Enge Bertelsen

Book titles in this series

  1. Indigenous Life Projects and Extractivism

    Ethnographies from South America

    • Cecilie Vindal Ødegaard
    • Juan Javier Rivera Andía
    • Open Access
    • Copyright: 2019

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