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New Directions in Cultural Policy Research encourages theoretical and empirical contributions which enrich and develop the field of cultural policy studies. Since its emergence in the 1990s in Australia and the United Kingdom and its eventual diffusion in Europe, the academic field of cultural policy studies has expanded globally as the arts and popular culture have been re-positioned by city, regional, and national governments, and international bodies, from the margins to the centre of social and economic development in both rhetoric and practice. The series invites contributions in all of the following: arts policies, the politics of culture, cultural industries policies (the 'traditional' arts such as performing and visual arts, crafts), creative industries policies (digital, social media, broadcasting and film, and advertising), urban regeneration and urban cultural policies, regional cultural policies, the politics of cultural and creative labour, the production and consumption of popular culture, arts education policies, cultural heritage and tourism policies, and the history and politics of media and communications policies. The series will reflect current and emerging concerns of the field such as, for example, cultural value, community cultural development, cultural diversity, cultural sustainability, lifestyle culture and eco-culture, planning for the intercultural city, cultural planning, and cultural citizenship.
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  • Eleonora Belfiore

Book titles in this series

  1. Acting on Cultural Policy

    Arts Practitioners, Policy-Making and Civil Society

    • Jane Woddis
    • Copyright: 2022

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  2. Cultural Policy is Local

    Understanding Cultural Policy as Situated Practice

    • Victoria Durrer
    • Abigail Gilmore
    • Leila Jancovich
    • David Stevenson
    • Open Access
    • Copyright: 2023

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