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The Palgrave Global Media Policy and Business Series has published over 22 books since its launch in 2012. Concentrating on the social, cultural, political, political-economic, institutional, and technological changes arising from the globalization and digitization of media and communications industries, the series considers the impact of these changes on business practice, regulation and policy, and social outcomes. The policy side encompasses the challenge of conceiving policy-making as a reiterative process that recurrently addresses such key challenges as inclusiveness, participation, industrial-labor relations, universal access, digital discrimination, and the growing implications of AI in an increasingly globalized world, as well as local challenges to global media business and culture. The business side encompasses a political economy approach that looks at the power of transnational corporations in specific contexts - and the controversies associated with these global conglomerates. The business side considers as well the emergence of small and medium media enterprises, and the role played by nation-states in promoting particular firms and industries.   

Based on a multi-disciplinary approach, the series tackles four key questions:

    To what extent do new developments in platforms, and approaches to personal data require radical change in regulatory philosophy and objectives towards the media?
    To what extent do technologies, datafication and transforming media consumption require fundamental changes in business practices and models? 
    To what extent do privatisation, datification, globalisation, and commercialisation alter the creative freedom, cultural and political diversity, values and public accountability of media enterprises?
    To what extent does the structure of global communications contribute to (in)equality within the Global South?


Series Editors:

Professor Petros Iosifidis, City, University of London, UK, p.iosifidis@city.ac.uk 

Professor Jeanette Steemers, King's College London, UK, jeanette.steemers@kcl.ac.uk

Professor Gerald Sussman, Portland State University, USA, sussmag@pdx.edu

Professor Terry Flew, The University of Sydney, Australia, terry.flew@sydney.edu.au


 Book proposals should be submitted to p.iosifidis@city.ac.uk

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Series Editor
  • Petros Iosifidis,
  • Jeanette Steemers,
  • Gerald Sussman,
  • Terry Flew

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