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The Palgrave Studies in Political Psychology book series profiles a range of innovative contributions that investigate the leading political issues and perspectives of our time. The academic field of political psychology has been developing for almost fifty years and is now a well-established subfield of enquiry in the North American academy. In the context of new global forces of political challenge and change as well as rapidly evolving political practices and political identities, Palgrave Studies in Political Psychology builds upon the North American foundations through profiling studies from Europe and the broader global context. From a theoretical perspective, the series incorporates constructionist, historical, (post)structuralist, and postcolonial analyses. Methodologically, the series is open to a range of approaches to political psychology. Psychoanalytic approaches, critical social psychology, critical discourse analysis, Social Identity Theory, rhetorical analysis, social representations, and a range of quantitative and qualitative methodologies exemplify the range of approaches to the empirical world welcomed in the series. The series integrates approaches to political psychology that address matters of urgency and concern from a global perspective, including theories and perspectives on world politics and a range of international issues: the rise of social protest movements for democratic change, notably in the global South and the Middle East; the Israeli-Palestinian conflict and its broader implications; patterns of global migration and associated challenges of integration and religious accommodation; the formation and deformation of political, economic, and strategic transnational entities such as the European Union; conflicts and violence resulting from local and regional nationalisms; emerging political movements of the new left and the new right; ethnic violence; legacies of war and colonization; and class conflict. To submit a proposal, please contact Senior Editor Ambra Finotello ambra.finotello@palgrave.com.
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Series Editor
  • Paul Nesbitt-Larking,
  • Catarina Kinnvall,
  • Tereza Capelos,
  • Henk Dekker

Book titles in this series

  1. The Political Psychology of Kurds in Turkey

    Critical Perspectives on Identity, Narratives, and Resistance

    • Ercan Şen
    • Elif Sandal Önal
    • Mete Sefa Uysal
    • Yasemin Gülsüm Acar
    • Copyright: 2023

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