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New & Forthcoming Titles | Palgrave Studies in Public Debt, Spending, and Revenue

Palgrave Studies in Public Debt, Spending, and Revenue

Palgrave Studies in Public Debt, Spending, and Revenue

ISSN: 2662-5148

A product of Palgrave Macmillan UK

Palgrave Studies in Public Debt, Spending, and Revenue is a broad-ranging and interdisciplinary series dedicated to studying the latest issues, trends, and developments influencing a government's role in its economy. The series of studies covers not only the economy's impact on government size and scope but also the effects of governmental policies on efficient allocation of resources, distribution of income, and macroeconomic stabilization. The series is also dedicated to a fuller understanding of the policies and policy tools through which government leaders develop this role, from fiscal policy to budget and various incentives that provoke particular behaviors. The subjects covered resonate in university economics, public affairs, public policy, public management, and governance schools and departments. This series' primary attention is on North America (especially the United States and Canada) and related comparative policy research. National and sub-national (including state, provincial, regional, metropolitan, and local) topics are included. At the same time, the series tracks comparable developments in China and the European Union. The series focuses on fiscal systems as influenced by the public sector and the economy, in addition to contemporary themes relating to fiscal policy, taxation, public debt, education finance, fiscal federalism, and the effects such policy designs as those found in antipoverty programs, healthcare, agriculture, and defense have on fiscal systems. Books in this series focus on research and compelling professional practices addressing public policy issues that create varying degrees of inevitability in the behavior of individuals, taxpayers, organizations, capital markets, and financial systems.