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Pop music lasts. A form all too often assumed to be transient, commercial and mass-cultural has proved itself durable, tenacious and continually evolving. As such, it has become a crucial component in defining various forms of identity (individual and collective) as influenced by nation, class, gender and historical period. Pop Music, Culture and Identity investigates how this enhanced status shapes the iconography of celebrity, provides an ever-expanding archive for generational memory and accelerates the impact of new technologies on performing, packaging and global marketing. The series gives particular emphasis to interdisciplinary approaches that go beyond musicology and seeks to validate the informed testimony of the fan alongside academic methodologies.
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Series Editor
  • Stephen Clark,
  • Tristanne Connolly,
  • Jason Whittaker

Book titles in this series

  1. Pop Music Made in Småland

    Music Production and Entrepreneurship in Sweden

    • Martin Knust
    • Open Access
    • Copyright: 2025

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  2. Popular Music Scenes

    Regional and Rural Perspectives

    • Andy Bennett
    • David Cashman
    • Ben Green
    • Natalie Lewandowski
    • Copyright: 2023

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    • Hard cover
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