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Microorganisms have been in existence since the origin of life on earth and can survive the most extreme habitats or conditions on earth. Microorganisms are involved in regulating biogeochemical cycles, maintaining plant and animal health, and sustaining the global food chain. Moreover, they play crucial roles in addressing the challenges of climate change and achieving the targets of Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs).

This multidisciplinary book series captures the role of microbes towards building a sustainable world, while encompassing cutting-edge technologies and current needs across various fields such as agriculture sustainability, bioremediation, restoration of degraded habitats and wastelands, and food security. Additionally, this series explores microbial applications in industries, and building their utilization in clean and green energy solutions. Furthermore, themes like microbial secondary metabolites, extremophilic microbes and modern omics, including next generation sequencing and metagenomics, are also covered in this series.

With contributions from researchers across the globe, this series addresses the important call of ‘One Planet-One Health-One Future’. It comprises a collection of diverse volumes that provides insights for scientists, young researchers, educators and decision‐makers in the government, private sector, and non‐governmental organizations, empowering their efforts to achieve the global goals.

The series invites, evaluates, and accepts book proposals to ensure a diverse, inclusive, and evolving program. The final decision regarding acceptance rests with the series editor.


This book series follows a stratified review process. Proposals for individual volumes are reviewed by the series editor and then the editorial board members. On a case-to-case basis, external reviewers are also invited for further evaluation of the book proposal. Review of the chapters is the responsibility of the volume editor(s). A manuscript submission platform has been recently made available to the authors, volume editors and the series editor.

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  • Naveen Kumar Arora

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  1. Sustainable Agrobiology

    Design and Development of Microbial Consortia

    • Dinesh Kumar Maheshwari
    • Shrivardhan Dheeman
    • Copyright: 2023

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