About this book series

Research has become a crucial part of health social sciences such public health, nursing, medicine, social work, sociology and psychology. This has been witnessed by the growth of research interests not only within academic disciplines, but also in health and social care policies and practices. 


Research Methods in Health Social Sciences provides a comprehensive compilation of research methods that students, researchers, teachers and practitioners can draw on easily. 


This series provides:


a comprehensive picture of research methods in the health social sciences

-        philosophical and ontological foundations of research

-        embraces both traditional research methods and emerging, innovative ways of doing research. 

-        discussions regarding doing research with different groups of people


research methods and evidence-based practice which has become a prominent theme in health and social care practices. 

-        Information on how to make sense of research findings, and how to present them in a more meaningful way to different audiences.


The five volumes in this series each focus on different aspects, and contain contributions from the experts coming from all over the world.

Series Editor
  • Pranee Liamputtong