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Understanding Teaching-Learning Practice

Understanding Teaching-Learning Practice

Series Editors: Ellis, Robert A., Goodyear, Peter

ISSN: 2522-0845

This series publishes research on contemporary teaching-learning practices, and in particular, studies that provide evidence of the intertwined relationship between how practice informs research and how the outcomes of research can effectively inform practice. The series publishes studies that make use of diverse methodologies and conceptual framings that foreground real-world practice and trace the connections between teaching, learning activities and experiences, and learning outcomes. Focusing on research that goes beyond disciplinary, sectoral and national borders, the series reflects the following views on understanding teaching-learning practice:
  • Student learning is central: one cannot understand effective teaching without understanding successful learning.
  • Evidence of the quality and character of teaching-learning practice is best understood in context; the broader landscape in which it occurs must figure prominently in its analysis.
  • A real-world application of research outcomes to improve teaching-learning is best informed by a real world analysis of its practice; the challenge lies in completing the circle.
  • Innovations in learning and teaching practice, including those which involve new technologies, create quality, coherence and sustainability issues, which need to be addressed.
The series acknowledges the growing complexity of learning and teaching activities in context and studies the roles of digital and material tools and new spaces in teaching and learning. In doing so, it recognises the increasingly diverse nature of educational work and aims to publish studies combining multiple data sources to create richer, robust, more interpretable, more action-oriented evidence.

The ongoing goal of the series is to improve the scholarliness of practice - helping it to be better informed by research - and synergistically, to improve the practical applicability of research designs and outcomes.

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