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Protein Reviews

Protein Reviews

Series: Advances in Experimental Medicine and Biology

Series Ed.: Atassi, M.Zouhair

ISSN: 2520-1891

The aim of the Protein Reviews is to serve as a publication vehicle for articles that focus on important current and fundamental aspects of protein structure, function, evolution and genetics. Publications will be selected based on their significance to the study of biological systems, their relevance to the study of health and disease or their contribution to technological developments. Proteins associated with diseases or the appearance and progression of diseases are also important subjects that may be covered in this series. Additionally, proteins that could function as potential biomarkers for prediction and analysis, and also as an object for treatment and for the design of unique, novel and target-specific therapeutics are also of interest to this book series.
The issues may include biochemistry, biophysics, immunology, molecular biology, genetics, molecular and cellular mechanisms of action, clinical studies and new pioneering therapies. A given volume may be focused, or may be a selected assortment of different current topics.
This book series publishes accepted articles online upon acceptance. It will afterwards assemble relevant articles as single volumes.
Invited authors are nominated by the Editorial Board or by other experts. However, interested individuals may suggest a topic or may propose a person to review a current important topic. Such interested authors should contact the editor before submitting a manuscript. Authors selected by the Editorial Board will be invited by the editor.
The authors of the articles are selected from leading basic or medical scientists in academic and industrial organizations. The manuscripts are reviewed and evaluated in the usual manner by experts in the topic of the manuscript. The articles will be published online no later than two months after the editorial review and acceptance.