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Cultural Linguistics was founded by the late Professor Farzad Sharifian, an outstanding, field-defining scholar. The world-renowned linguist launched the series to advance multidisciplinary inquiry into the relationship between language and cultural conceptualisations. Building from his academic legacy, this series champions research that advances our understanding of how features of human languages encode culturally constructed conceptualisations of experience. Cultural Linguistics publishes monographs and edited volumes from diverse but complementary disciplines as wide-ranging as cross-cultural pragmatics, anthropological linguistics and cognitive psychology to present new perspectives on the intersection between culture, cognition and language. Featured themes include:      

Cultural conceptualizations and the structure of language

Language and cultural categorization

Language, culture, and embodiment

Language and cultural conceptualizations of emotions

Cultural conceptualizations and pragmatic meaning 

Cultural conceptualizations and (im)polite language use

Applied Cultural Linguistics (e.g., Cultural Linguistics and English Language Teaching, Cultural Linguistics and World Englishes, Cultural Linguistics and Intercultural Communication, Cultural Linguistics and Political Discourse Analysis)

The series welcomes proposals that fit the description above. For more information about how you can submit a proposal, please contact the publishing editor, Alex Westcott Campbell: alexandra.campbell@springer.com

Authors can submit book proposals by using the form available on the website. Proposals must be addressed to the editor, Dr Marzieh Sadeghpour: marzieh.sadeghpour2@monash.edu and Springer publishing editor, Alex Westcott Campbell: alexandra.campbell@springer.com

All book proposals will be reviewed by the editor and the editorial board. If accepted, proposals will be sent to Springer for final approval. Springer will issue a contract to the author. When completed, the manuscript will be double peer-reviewed by the editorial board before it is sent to Springer.

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