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This book series brings together the latest insights and work regarding the future of education from a group of highly regarded scholars around the world. It contributes to the interdisciplinary and international discussions on the possible future demands on the education system. It serves as a global forum for scholarly and professional debate on all aspects of future education. The book series proposes a total rethinking of how the whole education process can be reformed and restructured, including the main drivers and principles for reinventing schools in the global knowledge economy, models for designing smart learning environments at the institutional level, pedagogy and related curriculums for the 21st century, the professional education policy analysis for the education development, new approaches to cognition and neuroscience as well as the disruption of education sectors. It also brings a specific lens to explore globalization and internalization trends of education development from multiple perspectives. The series provides an opportunity to publish reviews, issues of general significance to theory development, empirical data-intensive research and critical analysis innovation in educational practice. It provides a global perspective on the strengths and weaknesses inherent in the implementation of certain approaches to the future of education. It not only publishes empirical studies but also stimulates theoretical discussions and addresses practical implications. The volumes in this series are interdisciplinary in orientation, and provide a multiplicity of theoretical and practical perspectives. Each volume is dedicated to a specific theme in education and innovation, examining areas that are at the cutting edge of the field and are groundbreaking in nature. Written in an accessible style, this book series will appeal to researchers, policy-makers, scholars, professionals and practitioners working in the field of education.

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  • Zhongying Shi,
  • Shengquan Yu

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