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This book series publishes works of comparative philosophy of religion—works that are religiously inclusive or diverse, explicitly comparative, and critically evaluative. It serves as the primary publishing output of The Comparison Project, a speaker series in comparative philosophy of religion at Drake University (Des Moines, Iowa). It also publishes the essay collections generated by the American Academy of Religion's seminar on "Global-Critical Philosophy of Religion." The Comparison Project organizes a biennial series of scholar lectures, practitioner dialogues, and philosophical comparisons about core, cross-cultural topics in the philosophy of religion. A variety of scholars of religion are invited to describe and analyse the theologies and rituals of a variety of religious traditions pertinent to the selected topic; philosophers of religion are then asked to raise questions of meaning, truth, and value about this topic in comparative perspective. These specialist descriptions and generalist comparisons are published as focused and cohesive efforts in comparative philosophy of religion. Global-Critical Philosophy of Religion is an American Academy of Religion seminar devoted to researching and writing an undergraduate textbook in philosophy of religion that is religiously inclusive and critically informed. Each year the seminar explores the cross-cultural categories for global-critical philosophy of religion. A religiously diverse array of essays for each seminar are published along with a set of comparative conclusions.
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  • Timothy D. Knepper,
  • Leah Kalmanson

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