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Issues in Literature and Culture

Issues in Literature and Culture

Series: Second Language Learning and Teaching

Series Ed.: Pawlak, Mirosław

ISSN: 2365-967X

The subseries Issues in Literature and Culture constitutes an important extension of the series Second Language Learning and Teaching. Firstly, the processes of learning and teaching foreign or second languages somewhat inevitably involve to a greater or lesser extent getting to know the literature and culture of those languages. Secondly, there are important pedagogical issues that need to be taken into consideration when teaching about the literatures and cultures in a foreign language, not least because such instruction can in and of itself contribute to greater mastery of the target language. Therefore, the books included in the subseries deal, on the one hand, with a variety of issues related to English language literature and culture and, on the other, they shed light on how such issues can best be learned and taught, as well as how instruction of this kind can enhance the mastery of second and foreign languages.

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