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This series will serve as a comprehensive and authoritative resource that presents state of the art knowledge and practice within the fields of Andrology and Sexual Medicine, covering basic science and clinical and psychological aspects. Each volume will focus on a specific topic relating to reproductive or sexual health, such as male and female sexual disorders (from erectile dysfunction to vaginismus, and from hypoactive desire to ejaculatory disturbances), diagnostic issues in infertility and sexual dysfunction, and current and emerging therapies (from assisted reproduction techniques to testosterone supplementation, and from PDE5i to SSRIs for premature ejaculation). In addition, selected new topics not previously covered in a single monograph will be addressed, examples including male osteoporosis and the approach of traditional Chinese medicine to sexual medicine. Against the background of rapid progress in Andrology and Sexual Medicine, the series will meet the need of readers for detailed updates on new discoveries in physiology and pathophysiology and in the therapy of human sexual and reproductive disorders.

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This book series is published in partnership with the Italian Society of Andrology and Sexual Medicine SIAMS

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Emmanuele A. Jannini eajannini@gmail.com

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