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The International Series on Computer, Entertainment and Media Technology presents forward-looking ideas, cutting-edge research, and in-depth case studies across a wide spectrum of computer, entertainment and media technology. The series covers a range of content from professional to academic. Computer Technology includes artificial intelligence, databases, computer networks, computer hardware, software engineering, cybersecurity, human computer interaction, programming languages, bioinformatics, telecommunication, mobile apps, and quality assurance. Entertainment Technology includes computer games, electronic toys, scenery fabrication, theatrical property, costume, lighting, sound, video, music, show control, animation, animatronics, interactive environments, computer simulation, visual effects, augmented reality, and virtual reality. Media Technology includes art media, print media, digital media, electronic media, big data, asset management, signal processing, data recording, data storage, data transmission, media psychology, wearable devices, robotics, and physical computing.
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  • Newton Lee

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