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The Springer Graduate Texts in Philosophy offers a series of self-contained textbooks aimed towards the graduate level that covers all areas of philosophy ranging from classical philosophy to contemporary topics in the field. The texts will, in general, include teaching aids (such as exercises and summaries), and covers the range from graduate level introductions to advanced topics in the field. The publications in this series offer volumes with a broad overview of theory in core topics in field and volumes with comprehensive approaches to a single key topic in the field. Thus, the series offers publications for both general introductory courses as well as courses focused on a sub-discipline within philosophy. The series publishes: • All of the philosophical traditions • Includes sourcebooks, lectures notes for advanced level courses, as well as textbooks covering specialized topics • Interdisciplinary introductions – where philosophy overlaps with other scientific or practical areas We aim to make a first decision within 1 month of submission. In case of a positive first decision the work will be provisionally contracted: the final decision about publication will depend upon the result of the anonymous peer review of the complete manuscript. We aim to have the complete work peer-reviewed within 3 months of submission. Proposals should include: • A short synopsis of the work or the introduction chapter • The proposed Table of Contents • CV of the lead author(s) • List of courses for possible course adoption The series discourages the submission of manuscripts that are below 65,000 words in length.
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