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New & Forthcoming Titles | Head and Neck Cancer Clinics

Head and Neck Cancer Clinics

Head and Neck Cancer Clinics

Series Editors: Kazi, Rehan, Dwivedi, Raghav C.

ISSN: 2364-4060

Head and Neck Cancer (HNC) is a major challenge to public health. Its management involves a multidisciplinary team approach, which varies depending on the subtle differences in the location of the tumour, stage and biology of disease and availability of resources.
In the wake of rapidly evolving diagnostic technologies and management techniques, and advances in basic sciences related to HNC, it is important for both clinicians and basic scientists to be up-to-date in their knowledge of new diagnostic and management protocols.
This series aims to cover the entire range of HNC-related issues through independent volumes on specific topics. Each volume focuses on a single topic relevant to the current practice of HNC, and contains comprehensive chapters written by experts in the field. The reviews in each volume provide vast information on key clinical advances and novel approaches to enable a better understanding of relevant aspects of HNC.
Individual volumes present different perspectives and have the potential to serve as stand-alone reference guides. We believe these volumes will prove useful to the practice of head and neck surgery and oncology, and medical students, residents, clinicians and general practitioners seeking to develop their knowledge of HNC will benefit from them.