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The goal of the series is to provide a platform for publishing state of the art research on foundational issues in design and its applications in industry and society. Suitable topics range from methodological issues in design research to philosophical reflections on the specificities of design rather than actual design work or empirical cases only. The definition of design behind the series is inclusive. In terms of disciplines, it ranges from engineering to architecture. In terms of design work, it ranges from conceptual issues in design through design experiments and prototypes to evaluative studies of design and its foundations.

Proposals should include:

·        A proposal form, as can be found on this page

·        A short synopsis of the work or the introduction chapter

·        The proposed Table of Contents


;      The CV of the lead author(s)

·        If available: one sample chapter


We aim to make a first decision within 1 month of submission. In case of a positive first decision the work will be provisionally contracted: the final decision about publication will depend upon the result of the anonymous peer review of the complete manuscript. The series editors aim to have the complete work peer-reviewed within 3 months of submission.

The series discourages the submission of manuscripts that contain reprints of previous published material and/or manuscripts that are below 150 pages / 75,000 words.

For inquiries and submission of proposals authors can contact the series editors, Pieter Vermaas via: p.e.vermaas@tudelft.nl  or Ilpo Koskinen via: ilpo.koskinen@polyu.edu.hk

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  • Ilpo Koskinen,
  • Peter Gall Krogh

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