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Design Research Foundations

Design Research Foundations

Series Editors: Koskinen, Ilpo, Vermaas, Pieter E
Thurgood, Clementine (Ed.)

ISSN: 2366-4622

About the editors

Pieter E. Vermaas

Pieter E. Vermaas is associate professor at the Philosophy Department of TU Delft, the Netherlands. He has a background in theoretical physics, and graduated in the philosophy of quantum mechanics. At the TU Delft he does research on technology and engineering. Initially focussing on ontological and metaphysical research on technical artefact, Vermaas gradually studied engineering and design processes, often in close collaboration with design researchers. One of his current research lines concerns the structure of design processes and their applications in engineering, architecture and society at large. A second line focusses on the emerging quantum technologies and ways to explore their future impact on society. Vermaas is editor in chief of the book series “Philosophy of Engineering and Technology” and “Design Research Foundations”, executive director of the Delft Design for Values institute, and currently President of the Society for Philosophy and Technology.

Ilpo Koskinen

Ilpo Koskinen has a PhD in sociology, but he has worked as a professor of design since 1999 in Helsinki, Melbourne, Hong Kong, and now in Sydney. His main research interests have been in mobile multimedia, the relationship of design and cities, and interpretive design methodology. Some of his main publications include books Mobile Image, Empathic Design, Mobile Multimedia in Action, Design Research through Practice. From Lab, Field, Showroom, and Drifting by Intention: Four Epistemic Traditions from within Constructive Design Research. His most recent interest have been around social design and unobtrusive design methods. He has published about 150 papers, some of them good (he thinks), supervised to completion 13 PhD students, held numerous editorial positions, and chaired several conferences, most recently in DIS 2018.