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Water security is vital to a sustainable and secure future of any nation. Addressing water security issues requires: i) a multidisciplinary approach involving highly skilled scientific and technical experts; and ii) substantial long-term funding with little or no-return in the short term. This series has been established as an advanced forum for hydrologists, technologists, policy makers, planners, and other users to discuss the latest innovations, uses and application of new techniques, and policies in dealing with water security in more comprehensive approaches. Topics for volumes in the series include basics of water security; water security and climate change; agriculture and water security; international law and water security; energy security and water security; development and water; analyzing and quantifying the linkage between water and food security; water availability and demand; water and food security considering spatial and temporal variability; analysis of trans-boundary water management and water security; water security adaptation to climate change and variability in land use systems; human dimensions of water security including determinants of water consumption behaviors; big data and water security; water security and technological advances in water sensing technologies such as remote sensing (e.g., LIDAR - Light Detection and Ranging, passive remote sensing, thermal infrared data, passive microwave data, visible and microwave data, visible and near-infrared data), ground penetrating radar, in-situ electromagnetic sensors (e.g., Time domain reflectometry (TDR), Time domain transmission (TDT), frequency domain (e.g., capacitance sensor), the neutron scattering, fiber-optic sensors, and heat dissipative sensors. Proposals for volumes should include as much information as possible, and should be sent to the series editor – Ali Fares (Alfares@PVAMU.Edu) or Senior Publishing Editor - Margaret Deignan (Margaret.Deignan@springer.com).
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