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This new Springer series collects and presents studies on many facets of Japanese philosophy. Its aim is threefold: to demonstrate the unique philosophical potential of Japanese philosophy; to provide systematic and critical texts for research as well as for teaching on Japanese philosophy; and to reinforce the academic status of Japanese philosophy as an academic discipline. The series focuses on representative Japanese philosophers and on various themes in Japanese philosophy. It explores pre-modern as well as modern philosophers and themes, and provides a platform for comparisons with Western and non-Western philosophical traditions. The series reflects a growing interest in non-Western philosophical movements as well as the undeniable influence of Japanese philosophy in Asia. This new series: • Demonstrates the rich potential of Japanese philosophy. • Echoes recent developments in the field. • Enhances the academic status of Japanese philosophy. 
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  • Noe Keiichi,
  • Cheung Ching-yuen,
  • Lam Wing Keung

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