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Environmental professionals and scholars need resources that can help them to resolve interdisciplinary issues intrinsic to environmental management, governance, and research. The AESS branded book series draws upon a range of disciplinary fields pertinent to addressing environmental issues, including the physical and biological sciences, social sciences, engineering, economics, sustainability planning, and public policy. The rising importance of the interdisciplinary approach is evident in the growth of interdisciplinary academic environmental programs, such Environmental Studies and Sciences (ES&S), and related ‘sustainability studies.’

The growth of interdisciplinary environmental education and professions, however, has yet to be accompanied by the complementary development of a vigorous and relevant interdisciplinary environmental literature. This series addresses this by publishing books and monographs grounded in interdisciplinary approaches to issues. It supports teaching and experiential learning in ES&S and sustainability studies programs, as well as those engaged in professional environmental occupations in both public and private sectors.

The series is designed to foster development of publications with clear and creative integration of the physical and biological sciences with other disciplines in the quest to address serious environmental problems. We will seek to subject submitted manuscripts to rigorous peer review by academics and professionals who share our interdisciplinary perspectives. The series will also be managed by an Editorial board of national and internationally recognized environmental academics and practitioners from a broad array of environmentally relevant disciplines who also embrace an interdisciplinary orientation.

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