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New & Forthcoming Titles | SpringerBriefs in Underwater Archaeology

SpringerBriefs in Underwater Archaeology

SpringerBriefs in Underwater Archaeology

Series: SpringerBriefs in Archaeology

Series Ed.: Corbin, Annalies

ISSN: 2625-2562

Books in the SpringerBriefs in Underwater Archaeology series - published in cooperation with ACUA - will address critical contemporary problems and illustrate exemplary work in maritime cultural heritage in countries around the globe. The series will take a broad view of the theory, concepts, issues and complexities associated with the management and protection of maritime cultural heritage sites in the 21st century.

The book series will be concerned with:

• submerged cultural resources ranging in age from the most ancient human history through the modern era
• maritime cultural heritage, understood as not just archaeological sites but also the stakeholders who inevitably constitute diverse and multi-scalar sectors of society
• management that transcends adherence simply to regulation but that looks forward to the needs of the future
• emerging technologies that will transform the ways in which archaeological research is conducted and archaeological resources, both sites and landscapes, are understood and interpreted
• site stewardship and dissemination of information that serves the needs of the archaeological field and the public at large.

All volumes will be stringently peer-reviewed, first by the ACUA series editor and associate editors, and upon passing that level, two outside reviewers familiar and qualified to make constructive comments regarding the manuscript.