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This series presents the current and future perspectives of medical science in gynecology and obstetrics. The authors fully describe the current understanding of a disease including clinical features, imaging, pathology, and molecular biology, and also include the historical aspects and theories for exploring the etiology of the disease. Also, recent developments in diagnostic strategy, medical treatment, surgery, radiotherapy, prevention, and better health-care methods are clearly shown. Thus, each volume in the series focuses on the scientific basis for the pathogenesis of a disease and provides clinical applications that make it possible to offer personalized treatment for each patient. Over the past 20 years, physicians have been working to develop a standard treatment and publish clinical guidelines for a disease based on epidemiological evidence, mainly through the use of randomized clinical trials and meta-analyses. Recently, however, comprehensive genomic and genetic analyses have revealed the differences and variations in biological characteristics even among patients with the same diagnosis and have been focusing on personalized therapy. Now all physicians and patients are entering a new world of “precision medicine” through the use of genomic evidence. We are confident that readers will greatly benefit from the contents of the series with its purview of the exciting and promising future of gynecology and obstetrics.
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  • Ikuo Konishi,
  • Hidetaka Katabuchi