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This book series aims to provide orthopedic surgeons with up-to-date practical guidance on the assessment, preoperative work-up, and surgical management of intra-articular fractures involving different joints, including the shoulder, knee, hip, elbow, ankle, and wrist. Complex articular fractures are difficult to treat and sometimes require specific surgical skills appropriate to the involved joint. In addition, arthroscopic-assisted fracture reduction is increasing in popularity, but trauma surgeons are generally not trained in arthroscopic techniques. For these reasons, articular fractures are often referred by the trauma team to surgeons experienced in the management of injuries to the joint in question. Therefore, across the world it is becoming common for orthopedic surgeons to specialize in treating fractures of only one joint. This series is designed to fill a gap in the literature by presenting the shared experience of surgeons skilled in the use of arthroscopic and open techniques on individual joints.
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  • Filippo Castoldi,
  • Davide Edoardo Bonasia

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