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The goal of this series is to provide concise but thorough introductory guides to various scientific techniques, aimed at both the non-expert researcher and novice scientist. Each book will highlight the advantages and limitations of the technique being covered, identify the experiments to which the technique is best suited, and include numerous figures to help better illustrate and explain the technique to the reader. Currently, there is an abundance of books and journals offering various scientific techniques to experts, but these resources, written in technical scientific jargon, can be difficult for the non-expert, whether an experienced scientist from a different discipline or a new researcher, to understand and follow. These techniques, however, may in fact be quite useful to the non-expert due to the interdisciplinary nature of numerous disciplines, and the lack of sufficient comprehensible guides to such techniques can and does slow down research and lead to employing inadequate techniques, resulting in inaccurate data. This series sets out to fill the gap in this much needed scientific resource.
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  • Alexander E. Kalyuzhny

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