About this book series

This book series collects and presents cutting-edge studies on various issues that have emerged during the process of China’s social and economic transformation, and promotes a comprehensive understanding of the economic, political, cultural and religious aspects of contemporary China. It brings together academic endeavors by contemporary Chinese researchers in various social science and related fields that record, interpret and analyze social phenomena that are unique to Chinese society, its reforms and rapid transition. This series offers a key English-language resource for researchers and students in China studies and related subjects, as well as for general interest readers looking to better grasp today’s China. The book series is a cooperation project between Springer and China Social Science Press of China.

Chairman of Editorial Board 
Wang Weiguang 

Vice Chairman of Editorial Board
Li Yang (Standing Executive), Li Peilin, Cai Fang 

Editorial Board Members
Bu Xianqun, Cai Fang, Gao Peiyong, Hao Shiyuan, Huang Ping, Jin Bei, Li Lin, Li Peilin, Li Yang, Ma Yuan, Wang Lei, Wang Weiguang, Wang Wei, Yang Yi, Zhou Hong, Zhao Jianying, Zhuo Xinping
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