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Studies in Arts-Based Educational Research

Studies in Arts-Based Educational Research

Series Ed.: Carter, Mindy

ISSN: 2364-8376

Studies in Arts-Based Educational Research (SABER)


SpringerBriefs in Arts-Based Educational Research (BABER)

In the past 20 years there has been a proliferation of research methodologies, especially those employing Arts-based media such as image, gesture, sound and creative writing, to generate, interpret and disseminate creations/findings. Dissemination opportunities have grown with the publication of books, book chapters and journal articles with a few links to websites that display actual performances and images. Springer Press is pleased to announce an international series of books, edited books and monographs entitled Studies in Arts-Based Educational Research (SABER) and SpringerBriefs in Arts-Based Educational Research (BABER). These series will not only be a focused book resource of the work of Arts-Based educational researchers but also provide a permanent on-line repository so a variety of media can be exhibited along with the print books or ebooks.
The series will focus on research that utilizes aesthetic forms to (re)generate, (re)interpret and (re)represent human and more than human worlds. Methodologies and modalities can include but are not restricted to: Arts-Based Inquiry, A/r/tography, Arts Practice-Based Research, Auto-Ethnography, Collaboration, Community-Based Art, Connective Aesthetics, Creative Non-Fiction, Critical Arts-Based Research, Dance, Drama, Ethnodrama, Feminisms, Film, Fiction, Installation Art, Music, Novels, Performance, Performative Inquiry, Playbuilding, Poetry, Poetic Inquiry, Video, Socially Engaged Art, Sound Art, Theatre, and Visual Arts.
The editorial board recognizes that there exist multiple perspectives on what constitutes Arts-Based Educational Research. Generally, we believe that ‘Arts-Based’ is research ‘through,’ ‘with’ and ‘for’ the arts, not merely ‘on’ the arts. Submissions should demonstrate how the arts enhance the understanding of Arts-Based Educational Research and researchers, general audiences and topics/issues under investigation while being aesthetically infused in themselves. While exegesis will most often be included, artistic expression should be a major focus of discourse. This series holds ‘education’ in the broadest sense; that is ‘education’ as the learning/transformation/change that takes place individually and collectively in diverse formal and informal spaces, places and moments. The series collection will survey and exemplify the expansive research being conducted through a variety of forms of Arts-Based Educational Research. It is expected that there will be a wide range of topics examined through the arts but all should have an educational component, inclusive of and inviting critical perspectives on both formal and informal curriculum and pedagogy.
All books will support videos, audio recordings, images and other creative formats. These will be housed in PRISM, the University of Calgary’s digital repository. PRISM provides a permanent, openly accessible, and highly discoverable home for digital creative forms associated with the book series. PRISM allows authors/creators to choose a Creative Commons license that sets the conditions under which creative formats may be shared and used. It also provides creative formats with a stable URL to facilitate linking and citations.
PRISM will be an essential component of the book series and authors are encouraged to include digital creative forms in their books. For example, a script with a video of a performance, a documentary of an ABER workshop with some video examples, a series of stills of a painting in progress with a metacognitive log, a video of a gallery walk through/with narration, and a virtual exhibit of visual arts are just some of the possibilities.
Proposal guidelines for a book, edited book (SABER)
a. Author(s)/editor(s) (with affiliations and e-mail addresses)
b. Book title
c. Type of manuscript (book or edited book)
d. Short scope of text 300-500 words.
e. Draft table of contents
• Edited books must provide a 300-500 word abstract for each chapter (optional for non-edited books)
f. Sample chapter is required for non-edited books, but is optional for edited books.
g. The total amount of pages is a minimum of 200 pages to 300 typeset pages maximum preferred, including all tables, figures, illustrations, notes, and references (Springer requires a minimum of 90,000 words)
h. Author CV
Proposal guidelines for a short monograph, case studies (BABER)
a. Author(s) (with affiliations and e-mail addresses)
b. Book title
c. Type of manuscript (short monograph book)
d. Short scope of text 300-500 words.
e. Draft table of contents
• 300-500 word abstract for each chapter preferred
f. Sample chapter
g. The total length is 50 – 125 typeset pages, including all tables, figures, illustrations, notes, and references
h. Author CV
Queries and submissions should be sent via email in a word format to Mindy Carter at
Series Editor in Chief: Mindy Carter, McGill University, Canada
Founding Editor: Barbara Bickel
International Editorial Board
Kakali Bhattacharya, Kansas State University, USA
Pam Burnard, University of Cambridge, UK
Kelly Clark/Keefe, University of Vermont, USA
Walter Gershon, Kent State University, USA
Peter Gousouasis, University of British Columbia, Canada
Andrea Kantrowitz, State University of New York, USA
Alexandra Lasczik Cutcher, Southern Cross University, Australia
Morna McDermott McNulty, Towson University, USA
Richard Siegesmund, Northern Illinois University, USA
International Advisory Board
Margaret Barrett, University of Queensland, Australia
Liora Bresler, University of Illinois at Urbana Champaign, USA
Kerry Chappell, University of Exeter, UK
Ardra Cole, Mount Saint Vincent University, Canada
Diane Conrad, University of Alberta, Canada
Belidson Diaz, University of Barcelona, Brazil
Robyn Ewing, University of Sydney, Australia
Sandra Faulkner, Bowling Green State University, USA
Carole Gray, Birmingham City University School of Art, UK
Anne Harris, Monash University, Australia
Fernando Hernandez, Barcelona University, Spain
Rita Irwin, University of British Columbia, Canada
Kip Jones, Bournemouth University, UK
Ruth Leitch, Queen’s University Belfast, Ireland
Maarit Mäkelä, Aalto University, Finland
Shaun McNiff, Lesley University, USA
Celeste Snowber, Simon Fraser University, Canada

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