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S. Sugiyama is professor emeritus at Keio University, Tokyo, and has been president of the Socio-Economic History Society, Japan, since 2011.

Professor Sugiyama obtained a Ph.D. in history from the University of London in 1981. After three years as a research officer at the London School of Economics and Political Science, he joined the Faculty of Economics at Keio University in 1984, where he taught until his retirement in 2014.

His main research field is the economic history of Japan and Asia in the nineteenth and twentieth centuries. His interests cover a wide range, including trade, industry, information, energy and the environment, and business history.

He has published books and articles both in Japanese and English. His publications include Nihon keizai-shi: kinsei-gendai [An economic history of Japan from the Tokugawa era to the present time] (Iwanami, 2012), Meiji Ishinto Igirisu shonin [British merchants and the Meiji Restoration: The life of Thomas Blake Glover] (Iwanami, 1993), and Japan's Industrialization in the World Economy 1859–1899 (Athlone, 1988), which won a Nikkei award.

Professor Sugiyama was also co-editor of The History of Anglo-Japanese Relations, 1600–2000, vol.4: Economic and Business Relations (Palgrave, 2001), Commercial Networks in Modern Asia (Curzon, 2001), International Commercial Rivalry in Southeast Asia in the Interwar Period (Yale University Southeast Asia Center, 1994), and Nihon sekitan sangyo no suitai [The postwar decline of the Japanese coal industry] (Keio University Press, 2012).

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