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The Pediatric School Psychology series presents evidence-based research and practices for prevention, intervention, and treatment of pediatric health issues in school settings. As school psychologists and other educational professionals apply their skills to promote the social and academic success of all students, the information presented in each book in the series facilitates their efforts to understand various health and mental health disorders and target educational delivery to maximize success. Each volume in the series provides analysis by leading experts, who evaluate, synthesize and summarize key research findings and school-related considerations on a specific pediatric disorder. Volume authors critically assess the quality and scholarly design of the extant literature and provide readers with a comprehensive, in depth review of the topic. The information presented in each volume helps scholars and practitioners make informed decisions about identification, evaluation, and treatment of the pediatric health or mental health issue. The overarching goal of the series is to inform and facilitate efforts to enhance the health, mental health, and educational development of students.
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  • Paul McCabe

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