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This series builds on the Springer Handbook on Childhood and Youth, and on the widespread interest in current issues that pertain to young people and children. The series contributes to the field of youth studies, which encompasses the disciplines of sociology, psychology, education, health, economics, social geography and cultural studies. Within these fields, there is a need to address two distinctive elements in relation to children and youth. The first of these is social change, and in particular, the risks and opportunities that are emerging in relation to the global changes to young people’s lives captured by the metaphor ‘the Asian Century’. The second of these is the emerging interest in building on the traditions of ‘northern’ theorists, where the traditions of the field of youth studies lie, through an engagement with new conceptual approaches that draw on the global south. These two elements frame the Handbook on Childhood and Youth, and in so doing, set the scene for a deeper engagement with key topics and issues through a book series. The series consists of two types of book. One is the research-based monograph produced by a sole author or a team of authors who have collaborated on a single topic. These books meet the need for deep engagement with emerging issues, including the demonstration of how new concepts are being used to understand the complexities of young people’s lives. The second is edited collections that provide depth on particular topics by bringing together key thinkers and writers on that topic. The edited collections are especially relevant to new and emerging areas of youth studies where there is debate. These books are authored by a mix of established academics, mid-career academics and early career academics, ensuring that the series showcases the work of emerging scholars and offers fresh approaches and insights in the field of youth studies. While the focus is ‘youth studies’ this series contributes to a deeper understanding of the ways in which this field is enriched through inter-disciplinary scholarship and research, reaching across the fields of health and wellbeing, education and pedagogy, geography, sociology, psychology, the arts and cultural studies.
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  • Johanna Wyn,
  • Helen Cahill,
  • Hernan Cuervo

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