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Fisheries Science Series

Fisheries Science Series

Editor-in-chief: Aida, Katsumi
Series Editors: Kaneko, Toyoji, Kurokura, Hisashi, Tokai, Tadashi

ISSN: 2522-0470

This series presents cutting-edge studies and accumulated wisdom from Japan and Asia, with titles addressing many of the aqua-bioscience and aquatic environment fields that form the basis of fishery science. Most of our food originates on land, but we cannot overlook food from the sea.  Fishery science provides us with substantial knowledge – knowledge of living organisms in water, their habitats and environment; the knowledge to utilize these organisms; the political and administrative knowledge to organize social activities and systems to distribute fishery products; and a technical and engineering knowledge of ships, fishing equipment, sea ports and harbors. The discipline covers a huge variety of subjects, and each subject includes basic and applicative aspects that are both related and essential to one another. For fishery science to prosper, none of them can be ignored. As a country with a long history of fish eating, Japan has created unique, world-class cultures and technologies in fisheries, aquaculture, aquatic environments, seafood science, and other fishery-related sciences. Through carefully selected state-of-the-art works on topics in the field of fishery science, this series aims to contribute to the development of fishery and the welfare of people around the globe. This is an official book series of the Japanese Society of Fisheries Science.

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