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Contributions from Africa

Contributions from Africa

Series: SpringerBriefs in Archaeology

Series Ed.: Stahl, Ann B.

ISSN: 2196-5455

Books in the SpringerBriefs in Archaeology: Contributions from Africa series will focus on the global implications of African archaeology, broadly construed. The series will cover the earliest archaeological traces (ca. 2.6 million years) to ones that explore contemporary material practice and its significance for archaeological interpretation. Contributions will span the continent and be diverse in their theoretical and conceptual inspirations. The unifying feature of the volumes will be their engagement with debates and perspectives in global archaeology, developing the significance of African archaeology for readers who might otherwise not be attuned to the relevance of work on the continent for broader debates. The series will particularly welcome volumes that spark innovative thinking across traditional disciplinary and evidential boundaries.

Volumes will be subject to rigorous peer review first by the series editor and a relevant editorial board member and, upon passing that level, by two qualified outside reviewers familiar with the specific topics and areas who will be asked to provide constructive commentary and advice regarding the manuscript. Authors will be made aware that they need to count on peer review as part of the time line in developing a volume, and the series editor and editorial board will make every effort to ensure that peer review is conducted in a timely fashion.

The proposed series will be sponsored (though not financed by) the Society of Africanist Archaeologists (http://www.safa.rice.edu/), an international organization with members drawn from Africa, the Americas, Europe and Asia. The Society’s goal in co-sponsoring the series with Springer is to enhance the dissemination of knowledge about Africa’s past and underscore the relevance of research on the continent to broader disciplinary and multi-disciplinary debates.