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Asia and the Pacific has been advancing in many aspects of its development, but the potential for growth is vast. The Asian Development Bank Institute Series on Development Economics aims to identify and propose solutions using a multidisciplinary approach to important development issues facing economies in the Asia and Pacific region. Through edited volumes and monographs, the series showcases the research output of the Asian Development Bank Institute as well as its collaboration with other leading think tanks and institutions worldwide.

  The current focus of the series is infrastructure development; financial inclusion, regulation, and education; housing policy; central and local government relations; macroeconomic policy; and governance. The series also examines the major bottlenecks to greater stability and integration in Asia and the Pacific, while addressing timely issues including trends in microfinance, fiscal policy stability, and ways of tackling income inequality. The publications in the series are relevant for scholars, policymakers, and students of economics, and provide recommendations for economic policy enhancement and a greater understanding of the implications of further capacity building and development reform in Asia and the Pacific.

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  • Tetsushi Sonobe

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