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The aim of this work is as a complete reference for researchers, engineers and graduate students who are engaged in R&D of biomaterials. The book facilitates the newcomers to grasp the most updated status in all the related topics in biomaterial’s fields with a comprehensive, self-contained, and authoritative knowledge. The unique feature of the book will be the combination of a collection of standard/advanced experimental protocols in preparing and fabricating biomaterials and related bioassays. This book is a step-by-step guide for new comers, who may not be equipped with appropriate hands-on laboratory skills and experiences, to follow and repeat those important works in the field. This style is particularly important in this interdisciplinary field. This reference work comprises 10 volumes and covers the most popular topics of biomaterials from drug delivery to gene and protein delivery, from biomedical biodetection to diagnosis, from cardiovascular diseases to tissue engineering. The content is created by the leading scientists in the each field and will evolve constantly, thus it presents both high -quality and up-to-date scientific and technical information.
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  • Youqing Shen

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