About this book series

This book series aims to promote a complex vision of contemporary legal developments from the perspective of emerging or developing countries and/or authors integrating these elements into their approach. While focusing on today’s law and international economic law in particular, it brings together contributions from, or influenced by, other social sciences disciplines. Written in both technical and non‐technical language and addressing topics of contemporary importance to a general audience, the series will be of interest to legal researchers as well as non‐lawyers.
In referring to the “rest of the world”, the book series puts forward new and alternative visions of today’s law not only from emerging and developing countries, but also from authors who deliberately integrate this perspective into their thinking. The series approach is not only comparative, post-colonial or critical, but also truly universal in the sense that it places a plurality of well-informed visions at its center.

The Series

Provides a truly global coverage of the world in reflecting cutting-edge developments and thinking in law and international law

Focuses on the transformations of international and comparative law with an emphasis on international economic law (investment, trade and development)

Welcomes contributions on comparative and/or domestic legal evolutions

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Series Editor
  • Leïla Choukroune

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