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Geographies of Children and Young People

Geographies of Children and Young People

Editor-in-chief: Skelton, Tracey

Geographies of Children and Young People is a Major Reference Work comprising twelve volumes that pulls together the best international reflective and innovative scholarship focusing on younger people. Volumes one to three establish and critically engage with the theoretical, conceptual and methodological groundings of this geographical sub-discipline. Volumes Four to Eleven provide in depth thematic analysis of key topical areas pertinent to children’s and young people’s lives: identities and subjectivities; families and peer groups; movement and mobilities; politics and citizenship; global issues and change; play and well-being; learning and labouring; conflict and peace. Volume 12 connects both academic, policy and practitioner based work around protection and provision.
  Series Titles 1. Establishing Geographies of Children and Young People 2. Methodological Approaches 3. Space, Landscape, and Environment 4. Geographies of Identities and Subjectivities 5. Families, Intergenerationality, and Peer Group Relations 6. Movement, Mobilities, and Journeys 7. Politics, Citizenship and Rights 8. Geographies of Global Issues: Change and Threat 9. Play, Recreation, Health and Well Being 10. Laboring and Learning 11. Conflict, Violence, and Peace 12. Risk, Protection, Provision and Policy

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