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Fundamentals in Organic Geochemistry

Fundamentals in Organic Geochemistry

Series Editors: Schwarzbauer, Jan, Jovančićević, Branimir

ISSN: 2199-8647

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Organic Geochemistry is a modern scientific subject characterized by a high transdisciplinarity and located at the edge of chemistry, environmental sciences, geology and biology. Therefore, there is a need for a flexible offer of appropriate academic teaching material (BSc and MSc level) addressed to the variety of students coming originally from different study disciplines. For such a flexible usage the textbook series 'Fundamentals in Organic Geochemistry' consists of different volumes with clear defined aspects and with manageable length. Students as well as lecturers will be able to choose those organic-geochemical topics that are relevant for their individual studies and programs. Hereby, it is the intention to introduce (i) clearly structured and comprehensible knowledge, (ii) process orientated learning and (iii) the complexity of natural geochemical systems. This textbook series covers different aspects of Organic Geochemistry comprising e.g. digenetic pathways from biomolecules to molecular fossils, the chemical characterization of fossil matter, organic geochemistry in environmental sciences, and applied analytical aspects.

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